Smykkene som lages skjæres ut for hånd. Hver glassbit settes så sammen til en dekor eller et mønster. Smykkene kan ha samme design, men hvert smykke blir likevel unikt da det alltid er små forskjeller for hvert smykke. Det hele varmes opp, og smeltes sammen til ønsket form er oppnådd.

Glass Jewellery

For her glass jewellery she cuts out various pieces of glass by hand, often using different colours to create patterns or simple images. The stack of glass pieces is then placed inside a kiln and heated through until the separate pieces begin to bond together. The longer the kiln is held at the maximum temperature the more thoroughly the pieces will fuse, eventually softening and rounding the edges of the original design. It then goes through a cooling down process over a specified time, preventing breakage and thus producing a strong finished product.